Learn Coding With English, More Intensive and More Personalized

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Why Kalananti Private

More Intensive Learning

1-on-1 teacher and student allows learning to be more intensive and customized. Teachers will be able to understand children's needs better

Personalized Learning

Learning with their own way, pace, and interests that require a variety of different approaches so that learning can becomes more enjoyable and effective.

More Flexible

You can set your own flexible schedule, from weekday until weekend, also available class in English or Bahasa.

Coding and Innovation Program

5-7 Years Old


ScratchJr Builder

Learn Icon-Block Programming, Build your own animation & game with ScratchJr


Tinkercad Designer

Learn Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math, Design 3D objects with Tinkercad

7-12 Years Old


Scratch Maker

Learn Visual Programming, Make various 2D animation & game with Scratch


Robotic Inventor

Learn Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math, and Invent your own Robot

Junior - High
10-15 Years Old


Roblox Creator

Learn Text Programming, Create 3D game and animation with Roblox Studio

Kindergarten - Junior High
5-15 Years Old

competition preparation

Competition Preparation

Intensive classes specifically for preparation for National and International coding or STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, and Math) competitions

other program

Others Program

Exploration of new skills start from engineering, VR Minecraft game design, graphic design, to app design

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*Learn more intensively and flexibly with 1-on-1 learning.